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• 8/7/2018

Articles about Norwegian voice actors/dubbing industry

This is the thread where you can post links to articles etc. about Norwegian voice actors, the Norwegian dubbing industry and so forth. Just one note: Many of the people who do voice acting are most known for other stuff than their voice acting. This is not the thread to post every interview with, say, Aksel Hennie - only post interviews and such where voice acting is a topic.
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• 8/7/2018

"Med dansk tale"

For those interested in Danish dubs, the podcast series "Med dansk tale" should be very interesting.
Links to their soundcloud, facebook and blog pages below:
Med dansk tale
Med dansk tale SoundCloud
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• 5/15/2017

Who is your favourite voice-actor?

Doesn't matter if he/she is Scandinavian, anything goes :)
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