Scandinavian Voice-Over Wiki

Rebekkarustad Rebekkarustad 20 April 2017

Welcome to the Scandinavian Voice-Over Wiki

Hello, and welcome.

Just thought I should write a little something to the people stopping by. I made this wiki April 16th 2017, mostly because I thought it would be interesting to have all the talented Scandinavian voice-actors in one place. 

There was another wiki that I had started to contribute to, but they decided to delete alot of it and change their main focus on their site, which is fine, but it made me feel like I wanted to make something on my own. So.. Here I am :)

I hope that some people would like to contribute to this wiki, Scandinavian or not. It is a huge job to get all this done, and I can't do it all by myself. I have started working on the Norwegian voices (since I am Norwegian myself, and find this the easiest for now) and …

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